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Welcome to No Resistance Gaming

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  1. Ozzy Man Reviews: Marble Race

    This dude cracks me up lol https://youtu.be/iG_jGYqsZZo
  2. Favorite TV Show

    Dude I didn't know u got into weeds!
  3. Microsoft has revealed the latest selection of discounts for Xbox One and Xbox 360. This week's Deals with Gold are available now for Xbox Live Gold members and include some notable titles on both platforms, as well as a few Spotlight deals that even those without a Gold subscription can take advantage of. As usual, the vast majority of deals are available for Microsoft's newer console. Gold members can get discounts on a pair of acclaimed RPGs, Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition ($10/£8.75) and Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen ($21/£14). Those who prefer first-person shooters, meanwhile, will find deals on Metro 2033 Redux ($5/£4) and Metro: Last Light Redux ($5/£4); you can also pick up both games together in the Metro Redux Bundle ($7.50/£6). Other titles on sale for Gold members include Unravel ($5/£3.75), Worms Anniversary Edition ($19.63/£13.94), The Escapists: Supermax Edition ($7.87/£5.60), and The Technomancer ($10/£8.75). Even if you don't have a Gold membership, you can find discounts on a handful of Xbox One games. Some of the more notable Spotlight deals include Don't Starve: Giant Edition + Shipwrecked Expansion ($9.50/£7.60), the Inside + Limbo Bundle ($15/£12), Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty - Deluxe Edition ($5.25/£4.20), The Jackbox Party Bundle ($22.50/£18), and Armello - Deluxe Bundle ($20/£16). A few notable Xbox 360 games are on sale this week, as well. Gold members can get discounts on the original Metro 2033 ($2.24/£1.79) and Metro: Last Light ($3/£2.24), Dead Space 3 ($5/£3.74), DuckTales Remastered ($3.74/£2.49), NBA Jam ($5/£4), and Street Fighter IV ($14/£10.49), among other titles. Source: "https://www.gamespot.com/articles/this-weeks-xbox-one-deals-with-gold-games-and-dlc-/1100-6455386/
  4. Team Killing

    Shit dude, I cant even count how many times ive been team killed by you alone lol
  5. Favorite TV Show

    Walking Dead and Arrow are awesome, I havent really watched any of the other besides WCC
  6. Red Dead Redemption 2

    Who's excited?
  7. Favorite TV Show

    Those are both awesome, can't believe we have to wait almost another year before stranger things 3
  8. Favorite TV Show

    Well excuse me mr internet grammar police.
  9. Favorite TV Show

    I know, Ive witnessed your singing in party chat more times than anyone should ever have to endur.
  10. King of the Hill

    Lol wow, well then I dont know if im going to be able to come up with anything that tops that! I take a deer piss bomb and throw it at Hades, it explodes in his face completely soaking him in Deer piss. He becomes blinded by it and falls off the hill. Im king
  11. GTA V Roleplay Server

    I would love to once I get GTA and we figure out how to do it lol
  12. Pubg

    Oh im definitely getting it on the 12th, been waiting for pubg ever since it came out on PC! Glad to have another member ill be able to play with!
  13. Wazzzzzzup

    lol welcome back bud
  14. King of the Hill

    This forum game is pretty fun, basically all you do is come up with creative ways to knock the person above you off the hill and capture it for yourself. Example: Smack EpidemiK in the face with a frying pan and throw him off the hill. Im king So Im the king right now, someone figure out a way to knock me off!
  15. Favorite TV Show

    You sure your favorite show isnt the documentary on T Swift?